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For hundreds of years before settlers arrived, the land that is now the City of Wetaskiwin was populated by the Plains Cree peoples.

The name "Wetaskiwin", in fact, is a Cree word meaning "the hills where peace was made". And there's a story behind that The Cree also had a young Chief, who went by the name Little Bear. These two Chiefs were the idols of their respective tribes. As yet they had never met in personal combat, but they waited impatiently for the day when they should meet and prove to the Great Manitou who was the better man.

It so happened in the same summer, a large party of Blackfoot had been raiding in Cree Territory. The Cree were up in arms over the invasion and gathering for the attack. A battle was imminent.

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Meanwhile, the Blackfeet were planning a surprise attack for that very night. Naturally, this task fell on the young Chief, Buffalo Child.

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He departed on this mission, heading south to the range of low hills which lie to the north and south of the present City of Wetaskiwin. From this vantage point he would be able to command a view of the level country beyond. By coincidence, the young Cree Chief, Little Bear, was at that very hour making a similar reconnaissance of this own, with the same vantage point in mind.


And so it happened that the two arrived almost simultaneously on opposite sides of the hill. They crept to the little open space on the hilltop and, emerging into the little open space, suddenly came face to face. Immediately they stopped and the light of mutual recognition blazed in their eyes. For a full minute they eyed each other, coldly. Then the Blackfoot laid aside his rifle.

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I do not need it. With my bare hands I will break you in two. Unarmed, they circled each other warily, looking for an opening, spitting insults at each other. Then, like two great cats, they sprang and grappled together. For almost an hour the two warriors struggled. At last, as though by mutual consent, they desisted and drew apart. Little Bear followed his example, but found this pipe ruined.

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With sullen eyes Little Bear watched Buffalo Child fill his pipe, light it, and puff complacently with half-closed eyes. He deeply resented the others enjoyment, which was denied him. All of this was not lost on Buffalo Child — it was a form of torture that the Blackfoot could appreciate. Suddenly, as if by impulse, he held out his smoking pipe to the Cree.

He may have only meant to tantalize his enemy, but the other was too quick for him. Swiftly Little Bear seized the pipe and drew deep into his lungs the sweet tobacco smoke. As he went to exhale, he stopped with a strangled cough. His eyes sought those of Buffalo Child. Like a blow it hit them — the incredible thing that they had done. Although unwittingly, they had smoked together the common pipe. It was the sacred pledge of amity and peace, as unbreakable as the most solemn vow.

They were stunned by the realization of it — a calamity had indeed befallen them. At last the Cree spoke.

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Henceforth we must be friends, and because we are the chiefs of our tribes, our people must also be friends and think no more of war. Is it not so? Missionaries and government agents were some of the first Caucasians to settle in the Wetaskiwin area. Please read our Commenting Policy first.

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